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Sunday, November 18, 2007 oh, so many ways!

After 5 1/2 month since giving notice, I am finished at my job. (I did take home one smallish project that I will do pro bono, but I am done with the day-in, day-out tasks.) I wasn't sure how I would feel given that this organization has been a part of my life for 10 years. I actually feel better than I thought I would. Separations of these kinds always invoke some type of grieving process, and I'm not sure that I am finished with that yet. I am reminded of how I felt at my grandfather's funeral. He had Alzheimer's, and the process of his leaving was a long, gradual one. Since I decided to resign nearly 6 months ago, I have had time to adjust to the change. Of course, as happened with Pop, there will be periods of sadness, but it isn't the intense, concentrated grieving that happens with sudden loss.

I am taking a bit of a break before my next venture. I've had some colleagues interested in having me consult or freelance, and that may be the route I take, at least for a while. I'm fairly certain that I am not going to leap into full-time executive directorship of a not-for-profit in the near future. I need to be able to experience sleeping through the night for at least a few months--if not longer-- before diving headlong into the next thing.

For those of you wondering, I did finish Garnet Wings in time for the big event, and it was a big hit. I felt good in it and even better for having completed it during such a stressful time. (It didn't hurt that over the past several months that I have lost 20 pounds--who knew stress could be a good thing?!)

You can't tell from the picture, but I substituted Disco Lights for Rock Star, and that worked well. I've worn it twice, once for the big gala and once to a dinner party at my husband's partner's home. I'm a bit concerned about cleaning it. Hand washing is out of the question given how much the swatch distorted when I washed and blocked it. I suppose dry cleaning is likely the way to go. Any advice out there about cleaning silk, particularly Tilli Tomas? If anyone is considering the pattern, I also made some mods. After a few unsuccessful attempts at the armhole, I ended up picking up less stitches than called for on the armholes and neckline and I went down two needle sizes after the first two rows. (I was getting a ruffly, baggy band by following the pattern.) If I were to make it again--and I might--I would make the next smaller size and/or I would do waist shaping. Nonetheless, it worked for the event and I felt good in it. (In addition, I went for one of those Oprah-touted bra fittings at a "bra fitting specialist." It was something. I suggest that you do it if you haven't before; I went down two band sizes and up two cup sizes--who knew I was so off?! It was an experience, for sure, and you've got to prepare yourself for paying more for a bra than you ever imagined paying in your life unless you are Carrie Bradshaw. Totally worth it and I am now a convert.

While I have been working like a mad woman for the last several months, friends have been conceiving like rabbits. There are a slew of babies arriving soon, and I have turned the knitting room into a baby bootie assembly line. Once I finished Garnet Wings, I turned toward projects on a smaller scale.

The first pair is for the soon-to-arrive Maximiliano, a baby that a colleague and his partner are adopting upon his imminent birth. (The baby-poo green is actually a very nice lime color.) The second pair (sorry for the blurry shot; I could not get the lighting right and I was in a big hurry ) are for a friend who is due in December. This poor girl has been sick EVERY SINGLE DAY of her entire pregnancy, sometimes in the double-digits. That kid had better be sweet. I was rushing to get these done this weekend. The shower was tonight, and I was knitting through the intermission of a play that we went to this afternoon in order to finish in time.

I will be seeing the Knitting Niece next week and she instructed me to bring knitting needles (to replace the ones she has misplaced) and roving so that we can make felt cat toys for her new kitten. I'm also thinking we may do some Kool-Aid dyeing and a a few other crafty things while we're together. Sure beats working!