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Friday, July 01, 2011

A Big Fairy Wonderland

For those of you who think that TNNA is a big fairy wonderland of knit/crochet/needlework goodness to which only a very few are permitted to enter, you are right. It was fun, big, big fun. I went with Mandy, a friend and owner of the fabulous Windy Knitty, fortunately located just a short walk from where I am tethered. If you ever get to go to TNNA, I recommend you get the deal I got, which is I got to tell Mandy how to spend her money! (Since her shop is my LYS, I might have used my influence to encourage her to buy some things that I would like. Okay, that's exactly what I did.) We saw some great new things. My absolute favorite is an accessory that can be a sweater closure, a shawl pin, or just a decorative bauble. I intend to own loads of them. On the dark side of things, I must warn you that novelty yarnageddon once again approaches, though we did not succumb, nor were we even tempted. Be sure to visit Windy Knitty because many, many wonderful new things will soon be on her shelves.

Columbus was lovely, with delicious food and drink within walking distance of the hotel and convention center. All the stories you've ever heard about Jeni's Ice Cream are true. Over the days we were there, Mandy and I tried 13 flavors. My favorite was Goat Cheese with Roasted Cherries. Jeni now has a cookbook out, a copy of which--along with an ice cream maker--will be winging its way to Sir Eli of Northampton, who, I am told, was bemoaning a lack of savory ice creams available on the market. Eli, my friend, Jeni will get you started, but I suspect you will soon be inventing your own concoctions shortly.

The Craft Dungeon has been a hive of activity. I dyed lots of goodies for Mandy's booth at the Midwest Fiber and Folk Fair this past weekend. Now I am stockpiling for The Fold's booth at Sock Summit. I am hoping to get far enough ahead on the keystone base yarns to add a few more exotic selections to the line, including some camel, some additional silk blends, and perhaps some mawata.

In case you haven't heard it yet, Stash and Burn did a very nice bit of commentary on Fleur de Fiber on the most recent podcast (ep. 106). I sponsored a giveaway for them, and they had the chance to knit with some of my yarn. Stash and Burn has been one of my favorite podcasts for some time, and if you've never listened, be sure to give them a go.

Ack! I just looked at the clock at the bottom of the screen, and it has turned into July! So much to do...