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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Epic Olympic Fail

If there was a gold medal for Olympics coverage watching, I would get it, yes I would. I love, love, love the Olympics, and I may even be a convert to watching NHL hockey in the future as a result. I, however, have failed miserably at knitting. It all began with a fall on the ice on December 15, which resulted in a pretty painful and persistent shoulder injury. I finally decided to deal with it after two months. I got through my first-ever MRI (as a bit of a claustrophobe, I want a medal for that), and am now getting 6 weeks of physical therapy before a decision is made about surgery. Blech. I can still knit, but my concentration isn't there, and I gave up on my Olympic project, Laminaria, almost as soon as I began. (I would still like to knit it before my trip to Estonia in fall.) See you in two years in London, fellow medal seekers.

FOs have been scarce around these parts, but there are Monster Pants.I made these for my friend's nephew (the same one who got the BSJ). I figured that since the kid lives in Scandinavia, he can use some wool pants. And a little boy named Ragnar needs Monster Pants. I love how these turned out (it took some serious fiddling to get the corners of the mouth just so), and the yarn is so fabulously soft. It's Valley Superwash DK from Webs and I will turn to it again for baby knits. Fast and fun, I will knit these more than once.

I did a little UFO assessment, and it is not pretty. There were 3 unfinished vests, 4 unfinished first socks, 2 unfinished sweaters, and 1 unfinished shawlette. Some things got frogged, and some got a reprieve. I really need to keep a lid on that situation going forward.

It's time to line up some knits for warmer weather, which, I hope, is coming. A few of the tanks I made last year are now too big. (Chicamis, I hardly knew ye.) Warm weather is coming, right?