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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Knitting Tourism?

Greetings. As I launch this blog, I prepare to head to NYC for a conference. Between my work obligations, my friend, S.A., and I intend to dart madly about Manhattan and perhaps at least one outlying borough in a quest to find interesting yarn/shops/knitters/patterns/characters. We're going to take a class at Suss Designs which we are really looking forward to. (Since we live many states apart, we have only had the opportunity to knit together a few times; this should be fun.)

I used to live in Midtown back when Hell's Kitchen was still hellish and way before there was a Starbuck's at 47th and 9th. Times Square was still seamy when I lived there and, frankly, I miss that. But, I don't mind waxing nostalgic for the good old days with a latte in hand, so call me a sellout if you must. Ah, but when I lived in New York I was not yet a knitter. (I could knit--not purl, just knit--which I had learned as a kid on rainbow-colored Red Heart acrylic.) Being able to knit is not the same thing as being a knitter.

As it always is when I prepare to head out of town on business, the work that needs to get done before I go tends to expand exponentially. And, so, it is unlikely I will post again before my return. I promise to take very good notes...

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