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Sunday, August 06, 2006


It has been more about un-knitting than about knitting here at Maison PurlsAvantVin. I decided to frog the Yarn Girls tank. There are a number of reasons, not the least of which is that I think it is a little too tight. It is also a little too short from the midriff lace band to the top, and the ever-present threat of bra exposure loomed--and not in a good way. C'est la vie. There were a number of issues that plagued this one, so I am totally fine with starting over. I've gotten so mellow in my *old* age. (That is hy-sterical to anyone who knows me well; mellow generally does not apply.)

On Monday I attended a Bloggers' Party at Arcadia Knitting. It was a very nice time. I was able to connect with a few bloggers I've met before (Corinne, Lynette, Aidan) and I had a delightful chat with Franklin. As you might assume, he arrived sans Dolores. (That trollop is out and about these days). He was so gracious and delightful in person--everything you might expect from reading his blog or listening to his essays on Cast-On. If you are the owner of a small dog, be sure to check out Corinne's web site. Her dog sweaters are quite sweet and she has a book of patterns coming out in the near future. (I am not the owner of a small dog and, while my cats might fit into the aforementioned sweaters, I know they would NOT cooperate despite how attractive said sweaters may be. They won't even wear collars anymore. They're just nekkid. Furry but nekkid.)

Calling all DC-area knitters! I am trying to find a LYS or knitting group that offers knitting classes or groups for kids. The DC/Bethesda/Gaithersburg areas are all options. You might recall that I signed my niece up for a class at a LYS. To make a longish story short, I'm looking for a different place to send her to--a bit of a challenge from many states away! (NOTE: Please don't post negative comments/reviews about shops in the area as I don't want to cause a ruckus in the blogosphere; I've contacted the shop owner directly rather than airing the issues here. Conversely, if you have positive recommendations, bring 'em on!)

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Sue said...

Hi, Angela. I'm familiar with un-knitting too, though I'm not currently engaged with any unknitting projects.

The purple postcard arrived last week; I was out of town, only returning late yesterday, so didn't have time to send my thanks.

Take care and good luck with your unknitting.