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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day S*x

Oh, yes. So worth the wait. And it feels so, so good.

Hey, what do you think I'm talking about? I finally finished my socks, see?
They're not complicated, they're not perfect, but they are finished and they fit. I love them!
I'm all ready to start my next pair. I've wound a skein of Emily Parson's Sophie's Toes (Iced Coffee colorway) into a ball and I am ready to go as soon as I go through my bazillion patterns and pick one.


Anonymous said...

Great Sox! Nothing says I love you like warm feet in cozy socks.

LizAnn said...

Mazel Tov! They look fab. And FYI, my daughter looked at the much-darker colorway and said You know, those would really go with almost any outfit, Mom! so guess who is wearing pair #2 off my needles? Yup, both my girls have socks and I'm selfishly enjoying the 3rd pair....while knitting rather feverishly on the Merlot colorway for my granddaughter!