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Sunday, April 15, 2007


I'm feeling a bit cornered these days, so it's no wonder the knitting should reflect that. I want to work on other projects but THE SQUARES WON'T LET ME!!! I finished no. 21 this afternoon and, zombie-like, cast on for no. 22. (Cara is right; you must cast on the next one before you get up from the couch or all momentum will be lost.) Twenty-one means I have passed the 25% mark of the square-making process. I do dread the sewing and weaving, but I will have no choice or all that I will have is a big ol' pile o' squares, and who needs that?!
Elann updated their stock of Sonata, so I have a new order coming. I was starting to feel limited by the colors that were available and then, like magic, an email arrived with an inventory update. (I love the Internet!) I am happy with my decision not to assemble squares at this stage of the game--a choice I may come to regret when I spend weeks doing only that--because it leaves me more options for arranging the squares.

Maryland Sheep and Wool is just a few weeks away. I always approach these festivals and events thinking I'm not going to buy a lot of yarn, but I seem to fail miserably on that front. Since I now know I will see a lot of the same vendors at multiple festivals, the immediacy is somewhat reduced. Brooks Farm, however, always presents a serious temptation despite the fact I have yet to knit any of the yarn I purchased from them at MDSW or at Stitches. I think I am going to be at the festival both days this year. I plan to come up Saturday by myself and return Sunday with the knitting niece and her parents. This year, we will remember the sunscreen.

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Lolly said...

Oooh, I didn't even thinking of using Sonata. That is a good idea! They look great :)

Yea for MDSW!