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Monday, May 07, 2007


Highlights of this year's MDSW festival included:

  • getting to spend a day solo with the knitting niece

(That's Jess (on the right) and a friend being interviewed by Kat for the Let's Knit2gether video podcast. A certain niece may also make an appearance on an upcoming episode.)

  • purchasing a Golding spindle (I may never own one of their wheels, but this spindle is a thing of beauty.)

  • going back for a second day, which was far less crowded

  • and adding some more Moving Mud to the collection.

I did add some fiber to the stash, including Kiparoo Farms (many beautiful colorways to choose from),

gorgeous sock yarn,a shawl kit from Morehouse Farm and a Nuno Scarf kit.

There were a few other goodies, but all in all I was (for me) fairly restrained. (Fortunately, the people at Brooks Farm did not charge for fondling the yarn.)


frecklegirl jess said...

So nice meeting you and your niece- the two girls were too cute... making friends so quickly!

The_Add_Knitter said...

Hey it was fun to meet you too! Sophia was totally into your niece as well...nice shawl kit, btw, they were sold out when I went to that booth!!