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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Kentuck 2007

While many of you were indulging your fiber passions at Rhinebeck, I was cavorting south of the Mason-Dixon. Rhinebeck coincides with the Kentuck Festival of the Arts, and though I pine to head Poughkeepsie-way, the third weekend in October is taken so long as my friend S.A. is executive director of the festival.

My friend Sandra and I have had many a good time on this annual trip. This time, we had more fun, laughed harder, and felt more "away" than any year for a few reasons. We made the wise decision to come back on Monday afternoon instead of rushing back on Sunday, so we were able to take our time and relax. S.A.'s partner Neil cooked gumbo and rosemary cornbread for us Saturday night (So. Good.) and we hung out at their place with them and a few of the festival artists. And this year, we brought along our friend Buggie. Since she had never been down before, it was great to introduce her to the things we love so much, including Archibald's Bar B Q, Golden Flake Sweet Heat Chips, and all of the other elements that make a trip to this festival such a great time for us. (Buggie quite enjoyed the experience, especially her first encounter with Moonshine.)

The Festival itself was quite wonderful, and the variety of artists was as impressive as ever. As an added bonus, the famed Gee's Bend Quilters were there.

As for acquisitions, I bought a Bethanne Hill painting (my third!), a face jug, some fun jewelry, an Alabama t-shirt and a make-your-own kit from Alabama Chanin, and a few other goodies. There was another Patsy Blake painting that I longed for (I bought this one last year), but I was exercising restraint.

The festival features fiber artists including a few weavers, silk painters, quilters, and a woman who does batik wall hangings. There was also a Fiber Guild tent where I sought out and received some useful advice about skein winders.

A good time was had, and so begins the countdown to next year.

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The_Add_Knitter said...

How absolutely fun!