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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Blog Post Wherein the Stash and I Have a Big Meeting--or Three

The Stash and I have been due for some face time for a while now. Yeah, she has been flashing parts of her tarty self around for some time, so a "come to J*sus meeting" was long overdue. For a good part of the last three days, I have been sorting, rearranging, discarding, photographing and databasing. Here's where it gets ugly--I'm not done yet. It's been a bit of a personal archaeological dig. I clearly had a sparkly era (so sue me--you didn't?!), and I have gone through distinct blue-green, pink-brown, and red-olive periods. Here is what I have learned thus far:

  • "Pity buys" get me nowhere. You know those "Jeez, I am the only one in this place and I feel like I have to get something" purchases? They are dogs almost every time. So are a lot of clearance bin finds.

  • I take a strange amount of comfort from the "virtual" projects in the stash. Just because I haven't actually knit the yarn into the sweater doesn't mean it doesn't exist in my head. (Don't say it--I know what you're thinking.)

  • I really, really like sock yarn even though I don't always wear socks, even during Chicago winters.

  • One must be very wary of Internet yarn photography.

  • I need to knit a whole lot faster. Or maybe shop a whole lot slower...

The husband has often said that he wouldn't know what to do with the yarn if something happened to me. After this weekend, it will all (with the exception of the bin I have set aside for charity projects) be stashed in Ravelry. Should I meet an untimely end, it would be one hell of an eBay listing, that's for sure.



cockeyed said...

Now I want to "get real" with my @#$%! stash!!

The A.D.D. Knitter said...

Yes, my stash is truly gargantuan in nature as well...I'm going to checks your out now on Ravelry:)