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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Can you knit me a pair of capri pants?

This past weekend I was in ATL with the (formerly) knitting niece. (There were other people there, too, but she's the really fun one.) I say "formerly" knitting because she hasn't really caught the knitting bug despite my best efforts. The kid likes to read...a lot. (She also likes the D*sney Ch*nnel, but we don't hold that against her.) I always like to take a crafty project or two along with me when we visit, and this time it was dyeing with KoolAid and Wilton Paste Food Colors. Color selection was up to her, so we did one skein of Lamb's Pride in grape KoolAid and another in burgundy Wilton. We also did two small skeins of sock yarn in four colors each. The first was lemonade, pink lemonade, blue raspberry and cherry KoolAid and the second was blue, kelly green, red, and purple Wilton paste. We tried to set the colors by putting the dyed skeins in ziptop bags in the sun, but drought-plagued Atlanta had some rain. (Not enough to help the drought, but enough to foil our plans.) The damp yarn travelled back to Chicago in my suitcase where I used the microwave to set the yarn. (The Wilton colors refuse to run clear, so multi-colored feet could be in the kid's future.)

I took a little oat grass kit along so that she could plant some for her cat. She has called me each day since I returned home to ask if the seeds are doing what they are supposed to be doing. Day one: "Nothing's happening!" Day two: "There is some fuzzy stuff on the seeds. Is it supposed to be there?!" I explained that I planted some for my cats before I left home to visit her. The day we went to the airport, the seeds had sprouted tiny blonde hairs. When we returned three days later, the grass was four inches tall. That oat grass is some crazy stuff.

During one of our chats, I asked what she would like me to knit from the purple and burgundy yarns. She requested a pair of capri pants be knit from the worsted weight Lamb's Pride. I have talked her into mittens and a Panta (Ravelry link) instead. (Can you imagine wool and mohair capris? Eeeew.) I may consider making her some capris like Witches Britches in a more appropriate yarn. (This pair is fab.)


carey said...

HAHAHA! It sounds like a lovely time--my husband wants me to knit an anime costume for him. I keep telling him I'll teach him to knit before I do that! :-)

The A.D.D. Knitter said...

Was that the same little spitfire that I met at MD Sheep and Wool last year? Sounds like a fun visit!

Charlie said...

wow--capris out of lambs pride. I got all hot and itchy just thinking about them.