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Saturday, May 02, 2009

Do-Gooder (There will be prizes.)

My first words when I woke this morning were, "Today is Maryland Sheep and Wool, and I wish I were there." I hope those of you who are there are having or had (if you're reading this later) a wonderful time. I'm only the tiniest bit jealous!

To piggyback on my post about the square I did for Afghans for Afghans, I have decided what my next charity projects will be. Knitters for Obama (Ravelry Group) currently has two service projects in motion. The first is to provide hats, gloves, scarves, etc. for LGBT youth living on the streets, and the second is providing stuffed toys for children in foster care in Chicago and throughout Illinois. In addition, Melanie Falick has a post on her blog about Barn Raising Quilt Squares (from Larissa Brown's Knitalong book) that will be assembled into blankets to be auctioned or raffled at Sock Summit. So, it looks like I have some knitting to do!

Okay, remember when I said that there would be challenges that entailed prizes? Well, here is the first one...I challenge you to a knit/crochet service project-off. (Think of it as a calorie-free bake-off with yarn.)
  • The charity is of your choosing, but it must be a charitable organization or cause. Sorry, gift knitting doesn't count for this challenge.
  • The project must be new, not one you have already completed or that you currently have on the needles/hook. My intention is to get more projects going.
  • Multiple items will be counted separately. So, for each hat, toy, blanket square, etc., you make, your name will go into the drawing. (Baby/kids socks/booties count as one item; adult socks will count as two. Baby blankets and sleeved garments will also count as two.)
  • You have until July 4 to make your item(s). (It's an easy date to remember.)
  • Email me with your name, Rav name (if you have one), the name of the charity, description(s)the item(s) you made, and links to any pics you post on Ravelry or your own blog. (Please do not attach any picture files to your email.) You can email me at PurlsBeforeWine(at)gmail(dot)c(0)m or PM me on Ravelry at PurlsBeforeWine. No need to wait until July; go ahead and send me the info as you finish your project(s). Please title your message "Do-Gooder" so I don't miss it!
  • I promise that the prizes will be really, really good. Really. One prize will be drawn at random, and another will be awarded for an entry that moves me, makes me laugh, that I really, really love, or some other subjective criteria. (There will be some objectivity--it won't just be because I know you. I might know you, but that won't be why.)

I know my readership isn't huge, but I would love for you to help spread the word, not for my sake, but for the purpose of generating some positive movement. Most of us are so very fortunate to live in the circumstances we do, to have the time and funds to knit/crochet (even if it isn't always with the luxury fibers we'd desire), to have roofs over our heads (even if they sometimes leak when it rains alot), to sleep in clean beds (when the cats don't have hairball issues in the middle of the night--there's an ugly little snapshot into my world right now), to have a warm meal (when we don't forget to turn the crockpot on *headsmack*), and so on. No one's life is perfect (actually, I think Hugh Jackman's wife's life looks pretty close to perfect from where I sit, but maybe he leaves the toilet seat up or snacks on raw garlic something equally annoying), but a lot of us have it pretty good. Let's do something to make someone else's day a bit better. Are you in?


IrishgirlieKnits said...

Such a great idea!! I've been planning to do a post on the Barn Raising Quilt for Sock Summit (and knit some squares too!)! I'll be sure to post a link to this contest!

The A.D.D. Knitter said...

I thought of you today as I saw someone who looked just like you at MDS&W!

Bubbie Liz said...

Wonderful idea! I'm deeply entangled in knitting 2 socks at one time on the 40" cabled -- pun intended -- but this summer will certainly hold some charity knitting. Hugs to you!!

cupcakefaerie said...

This a great idea! Will have to put some of that charity knitting at the head of the queue!

Christopher P. said...

This is the husband. I want the record to reflect, Your Honor, that I unstintingly, unhesitatingly, unselfishly, and a-number-of-other-self-flattering-adverbs-that-begin-with-"un" encouraged "PurlsBeforeWine" (IF that's her real name) to attend the MSWF. In fact, I am discomfitted that she is at all distressed not to be there. I may have to go into a dark room and put a cold compress on my head.

tapmouse said...

Well I just finished the two blocks I had committed to for the Barn Raising Quilt, so now I will have to maybe do one of the other mentioned charity projects! When I get the chance to blog, I'll post your contest. (My readership isn't huge, either, but every bit counts, right?)