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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I'm Dyein' Here!

I am spending copious amounts of time in the Craft Dungeon. All this dyeing means that there isn't much knitting. Not much at all. As in none. Zip. If not for knit night on Tuesdays, it would be a knitting desert around here.

Today I'm dyeing up a seacell (rayon) and silk blend lace yarn. It is gorgeous, shiny, luxe stuff, but it smells awful--really, really, really awful--while it's being dyed. The end result is so gorgeous that it's worth a bit of suffering on my part.

When I buy yarns, often they arrive packaged with ribbons, tissue paper, and plastic bags in a shipping envelope. The plastic bags seem like overkill, and don't get me started on the ribbons. They are pretty and festive, but they often end up in the trash, and who needs that? My plan is to wrap the yarns in natural, unbleached tissue (recycled and recyclable) tied up with yarn, plenty of which is lying around the Dungeon. I'm going to ship in Tyvek envelopes (unless a box is required), which are water resistant. What are your thoughts on packaging? (I should also note that I'm going to be sending a little extra with the yarn--tea from Steven Smith Teamaker. Their teas are exquisite, and if I like them, I think you will, too!


Ana Petrova said...

I'm with you, the less packaging the better I like it. I hate over packaged items. I like the tie it with yarn idea and recycled tissue. I am definitely in the minimalist group for packaging.

carey said...

I love the Tyveks...definitely do NOT use those envelopes with the weird paper mash that explode onto everything once you open the package. And less is more: simple yarn, a nice tea, and tissue...what more could a knitter want?? :-)

Angela said...

Agree...those explodey recycled paper envelopes are awful!

Teamakers said...

Thanks for the mention of Smith Teamaker. All good year projects deserve a pot of tea. We hope you are staying well stocked and if not, please visit us online and we'll send you replenishments. www.smithtea/