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Friday, February 11, 2011

Root Beer

As of late, my routine is something like this: I get up, throw on my dyeing "costume," which consists of black yoga pants, a black shirt, a fleece jacket, wool socks, dye-spattered Birkenstock clogs, and a wool hat. It's been pretty cold here, and the craft dungeon has been a bit chilly, but there's no question that it's a lot of look.

Tonight the husband picked up dinner and was kind enough to bring me a diet root beer, one of the old-fashioned ones in a vintage-y brown bottle. Those bottles just make you want to blow into them while you're drinking, making crazy wind whistle sounds, which is just what I was doing. My husband looked up from his dinner, saw me in my dyeing get-up and said, "You look like a yarn hobo." I couldn't deny it.

1 comment:

sophanne said...

A yarn hobo is much better than Ma Kettke which is what dh called me in a similar getup!