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Saturday, January 28, 2012


As you may know, I live in the city. There are normal hazards and challenges to an urban environment, and they are to be expected. Every once in a while, though, something unexpected pokes up its head, and we have issues with wildlife: the occasional raccoon gone bad, rodents of various sorts (let's not go there), possums who decide to make your roof their penthouse, and so on. Apparently, we have a coyote who has decided to take advantage of our delightful, tree-lined haven. Coyotes in Chicago aren't new. This one was apparently hungry for a sandwich. "Our" coyote seems to want to stay. He/she's been spotted more than once, both times on a street that crosses mine a half block away from the house. I altered my route coming home the other night because of it, as if the coyote couldn't stroll down another street. When I did, I saw a few people standing by the alley, talking and pointing. By the time I got there, they had moved on, but I wonder if I just missed seeing our new neighbor. I would like to see him/her, but from a distance. I think a coyote colorway may be in order, maybe utilizing some of these shades:


yodafatkitty said...

Okay, for you maybe, but coyotes in Chi town?? Really?
I grew up in Deerfield, but still, really??
News to me.
I'm in the PNW, and I hear them almost every night.
I also make sure my kitties are in!
Love the blog!!

Angela said...

Yes, every few years there are tales of coyotes who move in under porches, etc., but it looks like this one wants to stay. Pitch is decidedly and indoor cat except for warm weather forays to the balcony. The stray who used our yard as a resting spot concerns me. We haven't seen her in a while, so maybe she's found a more hospitable place for the winter than out yard. She never wanted food, water or affection, just the use of the Adirondack Chairs. She was named, creatively, YardKitty.

Amy said...

I told a friend about this expecting she would be surprised and also to warn her when she's out walking her dog. Apparently she sees them in Winnemac Park all the time! She says there are coyotes living in the cemetary over by us (is that Rosehill?).