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Thursday, May 17, 2012


I found my sneaky little camera cord camouflaging itself with my (somewhat neglected) Kindle and Kindle cord. (They're both white, and they were wrapped up together--sheesh.  So, now we have pictures!

Also found has been my interest in spindle spinning. The roving I dyed (which is a merino/silk/nylon/silver sparkle yarn) is spinning up so beautifully. I cannot wait to finish spinning and plying it so that I can knit it up into some little special something.

Today's "homebrew" is a green tea with white grape that I got at a Persian store a few blocks from my house. They have loads and loads of interesting varieties, so between them and a few other tea purveyors I use (David's, Steven Smith Teamakers, TeaGschwedner), I have nearly endless opportunities. Yum!

I finally finished a project I began months ago. My friend's sister had a baby, so I wanted to make something for the new arrival (Petronella--how cute is that?!) and her big sister. I had actually finished little Petronella's dress...three times. Each time, something just wasn't quite right. My OCD went into overdrive, and I ripped back three times for things that most people would have let go. I really need to work on that because I would finish things so much faster if I only knit them once! Oy.

The Dungeon is calling...gotta run!

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