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Friday, October 11, 2013

Chicago Woman Crushed in Basement, Pictures at 10

So, I have a lot things on the to-do list in my head, not the least of which is to stash wrangle. Not everything is "stashed" on Ravelry, and some of what is stashed isn't photographed or isn't properly identified as to location. I'd love to get that fixed. If I do, it would help me to stash shop more efficiently. I know that I probably have just the right yarn for almost any project right downstairs, but I have either forgotten about it or can't locate it. There was a time when I knew it all, where it came from, when I got it, etc. That time has passed. It also means that some pretty great yarns are finding their way to the "Will sell or Trade" page. Seriously, some pretty wonderful stuff, like Socks That Rock and a bunch if indie dyer things. It's not that I dislike them (well, I bought them, didn't I?!), but I know I will never get to them. Someone else should have a crack. I wish I were organizing the containers more strategically, but I am in "get it done" mode, which applies to photos, as well. Quick and dirty. I may go back and refine at a later date, once the beast is tamed. There is one tippy stack of tubs taller than I am at the moment, and, under the right (wrong?) circumstances, my demise, should it occur, could be reported as a freak accident on the 6 o'clock news.

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