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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Back with a Vengeance

Not really. In my next life, I want to be a Bermudian. Knitting would not play as large a role...

...although there is at least one yarn store in Bermuda, but my new-found love of snorkeling would fill the void. (No pictures of that; I was too busy swimming among the fishes. Tons of them. It was amazing. I swam through and with a school of squid that was incredibly beautiful. There were Parrotfish, Sergeant Majors, Slippery Dicks (really, that's their name), Bream, and others. It was fantastic.) If you have a chance to visit Bermuda, go, and have a Dark and Stormy for me. It was a really nice getaway and Mom had a good time (the whole point of the excursion.)

In honor of the Yarn Harlot, the sock posed for a photo.

Not 12 hours later, I ripped back much of what you see and everything I had knit in the hours hence since the heel flap was going to be just too big. Ah, well.

Yesterday, the husband and I trekked up to the Chicago Botanic Garden to the Country Living Fair. Artisans, antiques, etc. Corinne was there and her booth looked great (see good pics of it here). We managed to collect a few goodies, including several varieties of honey, some delicious hand-blended teas, a Christmas gift for Mom, and a little bit of handspun. The pumpkin and gourd display at the entrance was fantastic.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Halloween and its accoutrements.

One more treat followed: a concert by my other Bruce.

If you think Bruce Hornsby is just about "Mandolin Rain" and "The Way It Is," you should check out one of his concerts. He is a really fantastic musician with amazing facility. He is constantly reinventing his music which keeps it interesting. For those in the audience who only know the songs that get radio and Lowe's commercial play, it baffles the hell out of them. (I was at my fourth or fifth Shawn Colvin concert not long after she had her breakthrough hit. About ten minutes in, she said she was going to play "Sonny Came Home" for the people who just came to hear that. Not long after she did, a number of people left. I am always amazed at those who come to a live show and want to hear exactly what they can hear on their car radios. I love an artist who can switch it up, make it new, and keep it fresh.) As a bonus, the price of admission included his new box set which I enjoyed this morning while I started knitting my Briar Rose Rosebud Vest.

No one is sadder than me that the real world is calling and it is back to the salt mine tomorrow. (There is no Columbus Day holiday in the not-for-profit world.)


Gail said...

Hi! Dee ( and I were at the fair too. We watched the cake decorating on Sunday. I managed to get honey and some silver jewelry and peanuts. Oh, and a 15 dollar polyester quilt. Heh.

prettyknit said...

Bermuda, sound like you have a great holiday.. I love snorkeling and scuba dive as well, can't get enough of it.

carrie said...

ah, i had to work on the holiday too. isn't that just depressing? i wonder if i'll ever have a job where i'll have all the bank holidays off.

your vacation looked BLISSFUL!