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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Late to the Party

Oh, the siren call of Ravelry. Thanks to Franklin, I found out how to check where I stood in the queue. Jess had told me some time ago that she would send me an invite, and then I read about the folks who were pissed that they hadn't gotten one yet, so I sat tight. After all, these guys created this community out of the goodness of their hearts and from their own brilliant minds, so what if I had to wait for a bit. I checked my position tonight and I had been sent an invitation IN APRIL. DAMN YOU H*TMAIL!!! Fortunately, Ravelry resent my invitation and it arrived instantaneously. Thanks Jess and Casey--I have got to get busy!


lynette said...

congratulations!!!! i guess we won't see you for a while. :)

carrie said...

ain't it wonderful? look me up there!