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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Frog Strangler*

No knitting today, just some freaktastic weather to report. Late this afternoon, a big ol' storm rolled through the Chicago area. The Husband works in a highrise downtown with western-facing windows, so he often gets a spectacular view of the weather headed our way. For the first time since he's been there, they evacuated the residents of the building to the core, away from windows, because there were reports of tornadoes headed toward the city. Yikes. On my way up Lake Shore Drive, I must have passed 20-30 downed trees (large and small), 20 tipped-over port-a-potties still positioned by the lakefront from last weekend's Air and Water Show (eeew), and, get this, a highrise roof, complete with several large metal air vents, sitting in the middle of the highway.
The photo above is a craptastic cellphone shot of the clouds that were barrelling by as I waited to pick The Husband up from the train. A normal ten-minute ride for him was an hour long today. Not long after this shot, those clouds opened up and the city streets turned into rivers.
*Apparently some frogs look up when it rains, resulting in their untimely demise. I don't actually know if this is true.


sophanne said...

I believe it.

The_Add_Knitter said...

Wow!! My friend has a flower farm near Gays Mills, WI and his whole town was evacuated and under water, so terrible!

carey said...

Man--you guys had NASTY weather...we tried calling the SIL on Chicago but cell service was out. YIKES!

suburban prep said...

It was quite the storm that hit us. I was driving away from the North Shore (where my family lives) and trying to get home. The storm just came in so fast.
It started to pour just as I got home and I took out my knitting. We were among the lucky ones who didn't have problems but one of my sisters had water coming up in the basement and another sister had part of a tree fall on her roof.