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Sunday, September 30, 2007


I haven't posted in a while. It's all Ravelry's fault. (Not really.)

I *think* I have my entire sock yarn collection "stashed" in Ravelry. (Well, there are a few mystery balls. Whatever made me think that I could possibly remember what they were without the ball bands?!) My sock yarn stash is, ahem, plentiful, and it is a pretty fun place to go "shopping" when I need a project. (I believe I may be personally sending at least one of Emily Parson's kids to college.)

One thing that I realized was how much more selective I am now about sock yarn than I was just over a year ago when I started to amass the collection. I went whole-hog crazy on Etsy for a while, and while there are lots of fab indie dyers out there, they are not all using great base yarns. It's tough, I know, because I am in the midst of my own personal yarn tasting, trying to find good base yarns for my own dyeing fun. I've found a couple that I like, but have ended up with a bunch that I don't. (A few still elude me. There are a couple of folks out there with to-die-for-stuff, and I haven't yet figured out what they use. I'm going to keep going until I find my Grail.)

It's back to work tomorrow. Just seven more weeks to go.


The_Add_Knitter said...

I am also much more selective about sock yarn. There are the stand-bys--koigu, louet gems, lorna's laces, the amazing indie stuff like Vesper, Madeline Tosh, Wollmeise, your Sophie's Toes and Tess. So mcuh to try! But one yarn I really don't like any more is the mass produced stuff like Trekking and Opal...

monica said...

Heehee! I chuckled at the comment about financing one of Emily Parson's kids to college. At least it's only one kid!

Emily said...

We're hoping for Ivy League ;)