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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

6 D 7

Today I was out tooling around with SA, popping into some yarn shops in Evanston, indulging our inner gourmands at The Spice House (White Truffle Salt--my new love!), picking up coffee and tea at Peet's (their Decaf Sumatra beats the pants off any other decaf), having a Macrobiotic Plate at Blind Faith (thank you for bringing back the original vinaigrette for the steamed kale that you claimed you hadn't changed but you did even though you denied it on multiple previous visits), and stopping by Hancock's where holiday cottons were 75% off (hello, adorable holiday hostess apron for next year's Christmas Eve Party with the Feinsteins and the Cohens), when I looked down at the dash on the Jetta to discover--both to my delight and horror--that it was 67 degrees in Chicago on January 8! On one hand, how great was it to be out and about with no coat on?! On the other hand, yikes! This warm front did produce some pretty spectacular lightning this evening, but unseasonably warm weather is unsettling. I don't crave negative numbers, but a little nip in the air is appropriate. Sixty-seven?! Now that sends a chill down my spine. (So does that run-on sentence up there. Eh, go ahead, call the blog grammar police.)

Speaking of grammar police, does anyone else watch as much Law and Order on TNT as I do? (Tivo makes me watch, I swear!) Didya notice the ads for the Golden Globes? Our Friend the Apostrophe was making an unscheduled appearance in the spots they were running. The ad has since been corrected, but Hollywood was holding "it's" breath for a while. It reminded me of the Christmas when all of the windows at Marshall Field's boasted that the department store had "what your wishing for." They later managed to fit in an apostrophe and an e, but it looked all squishy. Oh, Apostrophe, you devilish little trickster!


sophanne said...

No doubt another casualty of the writer's strike.

The_Add_Knitter said...

I love your Chigaaago pronunciation of '6 d 7'! Yes, It was 68 degrees here today, and it was utterly bizarre. Sadly I wasn't in Evanston, a place I use to visit a lot as my lil bro (the tv writer on strike in Hollywood)is an NU grad, visiting très cute I was with my SO at Home Depot in Altoona--now THAT should make your blood run cold!:)

monica said...

I love Law & Order. The only version I cannot get into is the SVU one--I think it's too dramatic.

67 was much much warmer than here--we were in the 40s!

carey said...

OMG--I love Law and Order, and I hate weird apostrophes. And you are awesome, and I'm totally jealous of your adopted sheep for the year. :-)

La Cabeza Grande said...

That's pretty funny! I didn't know you were on errant apostrophe watch :o)

Although I live just down LSD from Evanston, it's been a year since I visited. This must be rectified. Perhaps, once this freakish weather stops.

Anonymous said...

try the truffle salt in oyster stew with blue stone ground grits - yum, very,very good! I can see a new bottle on the way to Alabama very soon. We had a great day in Evanston - thank you very, very much! Hugs, s.a.