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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Aptly Named

Isn't it true that you never want anything more than when you are told that you can't have it? Well, that's the way it is for me, at least.

Basically, the genetic train wreck that is me is dangerously close to derailing (sounds dramatic, no?!), and I am having to give up a number of things I love in order to continue down the track. The occasional Sazerac Cocktail, gone, ditto the Sidecar. Red Velvet Cake, you are banished, and take those potatoes and pretzels with you. The medical hammer has come down, and basically I am on permanent South Beach Diet in order to stave off some not-so-fun medical consequences. The good news: I could end up a skinny bitch. The bad news: I may not be kidding about the bitch part. (The drag is that I drink rather moderately as it is (average two drinks a week), and there is no bottomless cookie jar here at the house, so when you think that you eat reasonably well already, to find out that you have to be even better is a bit of a blow. Hell, beets, a vegetable I love, are on the "avoid" list. I already eat whole wheat pasta, and that isn't helping. Damn.) So, Purls Before Wine it definitely is. Grumble, grumble, bitch and moan. There are many worse things to suffer, but it still sucks. At least I can still eat (non-fried) oysters, so get out yer shuckin' knives, boys, cause I am all over those slippery little devils. Unfortunately, I will now be one of "those people" at a restaurant. "Um, can I get the roasted root vegetable without the parsnips and the rutabagas? Oh, and light on the olive oil. Is there sugar in that dressing? Can I just get oil and vinegar. Do you have brown rice? No bread. Just berries for dessert." I apologize in advance to event planners, waiters, waitresses, and line cooks everywhere. I didn't choose to make your job more difficult on purpose--believe me.

There is knitting and spinning to report, but they lack proper visual documentation, so I will post about them later in the week.

Just had to vent into the series of tubes for a moment. I promise that this will not become the "what I wanted but couldn't have or my blood sugar will spike" ranty-type bloggy thing. I'm sure many of you deal with similar and worse situations with a great deal more dignity and stoicism than am I. *End of temper tantrum*

We will soon resume our regularly scheduled high-in-fiber blog diet.


Yarnsnob said...

I'm going out on a limb here and guess the diagnosis of PCOS? If so we should talk.

Kirstin said...

Wow, that is a real drag. At least you didn't develop a wool allergy, eh?

carey said...

WAH! I'm so is hard enough without having to constantly watch over what you're eating. GRRRR! I sympathize--this stupid pregnancy diet has me analyzing everything I put in my mouth in order to avoid any potential mental defects that might be passed along inadvertently through, say, listeria or mercury. The one shining light? It's only temporary!! Hopefully your diet will be too. :-) Just jump through these hoops for a few months and reevaluate and then hopefully you can gradually reintroduce "fun" stuff into your world! Hang in there!!

The A.D.D. Knitter said...

Awww man--well maybe you'll enjoy your new regimen?? *ducks*

I'm sure I'll be biting that same bullet any day now...

Yarnsnob said...

Three words of wisdom-The Spice House. I'm part of a PCOS medication study and for the last four plus months have had to be on a similar diet to the one you are now on, all 1500 calories of it. I think I must have the best stocked spice rack, it's a lifesaver. You can do it, I did and with the help of Diet Dr. Pepper I've lost 36 pounds.