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Sunday, August 09, 2009

Day Off: A Portland Travelogue

The husband and I took the day off from the Sock Summit to enjoy Portland. We were mighty busy as we:
  • went to Stumptown Coffee for some delectable brew. (Remember how Voodoo Donuts was playing Springsteen's Nebraska album? Stumptown was playing Born in the USA, and, while not my favorite album, clearly Portland has got my soundtrack down.)

  • we then headed down to the Saturday Market, a weekly art festival featuring all types of artists and craftspeople. I picked up a few very fun skirts made from reclaimed material. (I'm not buying more clothes, I'm recycling.)

  • After the festival, it was off to the zoo. (This has been the only disappointment so far, as there were very few animals. Or maybe they were just hiding from the crowds. If I were them, I might do the same.)

  • From the zoo, we headed up to the Japanese Garden which was lovely and peaceful.

  • We headed across the street to the Rose Garden, which was quite remarkable. The scents were intoxicating. (I took eleventybillion photos, most were blurry. WTF?!)
  • We had time to spare, so we caught the first part of a free concert featuring Devin Phillips and special guest Storm Large (of Rockstar: SuperNova fame).

    Wait, there is knitting!
  • After that, we headed down to the Ravelry meetup where we met up with our friend Jocele who we first met on the SeaSocks cruise. We also got to spend a bit more time with Blogless Carla, Ana, Leslie, Marisol, Linda, Stephen and his pup, Janie Sparkles.

  • As an added bonus, we had an early birthday dinner with Jocele, who shares her special day with Elizabeth Zimmerman. Happy birthday!

  • We rounded out the day with a late-night cappuccino in the club lounge at the hotel.

Not bad for a day off, eh?


monica said...

I was really jealous of your Sock Summit post before but now I'm really jealous. Glad you had a good time.

cupcakefaerie said...

It looks like you and your hubby had a fantastic time outside of SS activity as well. It was so great to see you again! What's the next woolly event? :)

Linda said...

Your non-sock summit outings sound wonderful! It was so great to see you, and such an honor that you knit my socks for the museum! I can't wait to see you again at sock camp!