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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

PNW Tales

After an early morning and a very bumpy flight (at least the first 90 minutes of it), we arrived in Portland. We know we're in the PNW because they make your coffee like this:

I've already smashed through every dietary restriction I have, in part because our hotel is plying us with copious amounts of food and beverage. When I booked the room many, many months ago, I got what I thought was a great deal by prepaying. I knew breakfast was included, and free wi-fi sealed the deal. When we checked in, we found out that there were four different "meals" included--plus complimentary drinks, and we're not talking the cheap stuff, either. Our room looks like Coco Chanel came back from the great beyond to decorate it herself, and the towels are the biggest I've ever seen. I think I'll be moving in permanently.

We spent the day wandering about. We walked to Chinatown, the Pearl District, where I found a new favorite shop, Cargo, and around the Pioneer Square area where our hotel is located. We also hit Powell's, which is a site to behold, though I'm going to be going back to return some wildly overpriced used books I purchased. (I got back to the hotel and found out that the Powell's prices were significantly more than I could get the same books used on Amazon. One book was 7x more expensive at Powell's. It was a bit disappointing.)

Tomorrow will be devoted to more wandering. Thursday the great sock adventure begins.

PS I won't lie, no matter how much fun I'm having, I'm missing these two something awful.

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