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Monday, January 05, 2015

Back on the Horse

Despite my best efforts to blog more, I was defeated by a glitchy app that ceased to allow me access to my own blog. Sometimes it's the tiny things that get in your way. I have dumped that app (which I was using because Blogger itself was not behaving, either), and have downloaded the Blogger app. Let's see how this goes!

I was carried along by the holiday spirit quite nicely this season. I made quite a few gifts, and while time intensive, it gave me such a warm feeling. I made quite a few ornaments for family members, and I intend to keep the tradition going next year. In fact, I got a jump and made some of the parts for next year's gifts already! I married a few different patterns to make them, including Anna Hrachovec's darling Mochi Mochi. There were snowmen, a cat, trees (bedecked with knit-in bead ornaments), and acorns. Why acorns? Because I like them, that's why. I kept a list of who got what's so I can avoid duplication in the future. I kept congratulating myself about that, and then I almost deleted the document from my tablet. Whoops.

Tonight I cast on the last holiday-related item for the year, and is plan to finish it and away it will go with all of the other Christmas things until next December.

So, here is wishing for a bright, successful, healthy, happy 2015. 

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