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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Progress (kind of...)

After a week of not knitting on my vacation (and maybe that's why I didn't have a great time on this trip!!!) I am back at it. Just before I left, I made a scarf using Blue Sky Alpacas Bulky and I was not happy with it. I had this idea in my head and it just didn't turn out the way I planned. So, last Sunday I frogged the whole thing, wound it into skeins, soaked it in some Kookaburra Wool Wash to get the kinks out, and hung it up to dry. In the meantime, it got really warm here in Chicago and knitting big, thick, wooly stuff in the heat is just not that appealing to me. So....

...on to the Green Gable! Oh, I have this fantasy that I will have enough time to work on it before I go to MSW and that I will be able to wear my lovely new creation there. Not likely, but a girl can dream, can't she? And in a moment of combined loneliness (I'm flying solo at work for a few days) and OCD, I ordered yarn for 5 more Green Gables from Oregon Trail Yarn at eBay. I don't even know if this thing will look good on me, yet! Damn my compulsive tendencies!!!

I have just discovered that there is a Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival in September. September is usually dedicated to business travel, but, due to budgetary constraints, I may not be gone so much this year. I may just hop in the pretty little Jetta and head on up to Jefferson County.

Have I said how excited I am about MSW? I'm really, really excited.

Oh, and I registered for Stitches Midwest. I am all about the knitting...

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