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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Back where we started... we go 'round again.

I have now started my first pair of socks four times. First, there was the aborted Sockotta attempt. Then I moved on to the Socks that Rock on #2s. Ripped out once due to a mistake I couldn't figure out how to fix. Started again. Ripped out because, despite getting gauge, I just thought they were going to be too big. Ordered #1s (and #0s and #3s) from Jimmy Bean's Wool and have restarted--again. I'm thinking that this time will stick.

I got my Project Spectrum postcard in the mail today--and so much more! My swap partner sent a whole package of green-themed goodies. How sweet is that?!! What a nice surprise.

Confession time: I went a little crazy. Among the many things I gravitate to are skulls, specifically festive, whimsical Dia de Los Muertos-style skulls. Enter the Lexie Barnes Hermosa bags. The big one is actually a diaper bag. (The yarn will never know.) I have a bazillion bags, including a number of "knitting bags" and I don't need any more. Still, I had to have these:

Love them.

I'm hoping to get a lot of knitting (and other things like cleaning) done over the long weekend. (I don't like cleaning, I do like knitting. Wonder which one will win?!)

Hancock Fabrics is having a 50% off notions sale, so I think I'll go up there and pick up a few buttons, etc.

Long weekends are good.

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Emma said...

Love the bags! They're awesome.