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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Why my bathroom smells like a pack of Juicy Fruit

The sun was shining, and there were several packets of Kool-Aid calling my name. So, I took the sun tea approach to dyeing.

On Friday night I conned the husband into accompanying me to a new (to me) yarn store in Chicago. Loopy Yarns is near 8th and State downtown. When we first moved to Chicago 13-ish years ago, we lived one block away. The Loop has gone through a major resurgence since we lived there. The sidewalks used to roll up at 7pm, and that particular area had a bit of an edge to it. (I say that having lived in Hell's Kitchen in New York before its renaissance. That neighborhood was even edgier then, but there were always lots of people around. Not so in the South Loop of a decade ago.) ER begain its first season right after we moved here, and on the very first episode, there was a scene that took place in front of the Pacific Gardens Mission, practically across the street from where Loopy Yarns is now. Julianna Margulies looked up from the shooting victim she was treating and said, "Welcome to Hell." "Fantastic," I thought, "I picked a great neighborhood."

Oh, but I digress. That was a long-winded way of saying that a lot has changed in that area. Loopy Yarns was nice. I plan to go back for their Friday night open knitting sessions, and maybe for their Einstein Coat Encouragement Sessions.

I bought both Cat Bordi's sock book and the Magic Loop pamphlet as well as some Addi Turbos in 2s. I decided to try the 2-needle method first. I did this:

I was using Sockotta and, frankly, it was not pleasing to me. So, I frogged it and dove right in to the Socks that Rock.

SO MUCH BETTER!!! Softer, squishier, more pliable. Anybody want some Sockotta?



Socks that rock - I think the yarn rocks too. What a gorgeous colour.


Socks that rock - very appropriate, the yarn colour rocks too - gorgeous.