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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Adult Equivalent of a Half-day of School

This is how I feel 'cause I am cutting out of work early, getting on an Amtrak train headed for Milwaukee, and going to see my second favorite man from New Jersey. (I am required by law to say that as the husband hails from exit 11.) Is she not the cutest? (That's my oldest friend's little girl. Well, she's not my oldest friend--she's the friend I've had the longest, since we were 14 and she had braces and I wore suspenders, a la "Mork and Mindy". Yep, you bet I did. Her mom and I have been friends for 26 years. You can do the math.) I took this picture of her when we were in PA a few weeks ago for the big Mother's Day Surprise Visit.

I just got home from a knitting gathering in Bucktown. This was my first time hooking up with this group--quite nice. There was an amazing knitter there, a woman who moved to Chicago from Mexico City to live with her daughter a year ago, after her husband passed away. She has a lot to teach the group, many of whom a fairly new to knitting. (Personally, I'd love to pick up some Spanish, and she said she needs to practice her English--perfect!)

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