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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I try not to be a crazy cat lady...

...but sometimes I can't help it. Papel (who we sometimes tease as being a cat of very little brain) was smart enough to utilize the temporarily repositioned quilt rack as a comfy hammock.
Who says he isn't clever and resourceful...

The sock is coming along. I have just finished the heel flap--yes, for the second time--and am getting ready to turn the heel. I am also knitting a Krazy Kool Aid Skirt (yep, I did just break one of my own grammar rules) for the niece. I hope it will be cute and not too garish. Eh, she's seven--nothing is too garish in a seven-year-old's eyes. Pics to come.

Worrying/fretting/obsessing about the end of my company's current fiscal year and balancing the budget for the upcoming year occupies much of my brain at the moment. It is one of my least favorite times of year. In a not-for-profit, one rarely has to worry about how to spend all of that excess money just lying around! Sometimes I'm tempted to check all of my coat pockets and dig under the couch cushions just to find a few extra bucks to help end the year. I'm looking forward to June 30 because, one way or another, FY06 will be over and a new budget for FY07 will be in place. Thankfully I have knitting to give me something to count other than dollars in and dollars yards and miles of yarn.

Before I joined Summer of Stash, I ordered 10 balls each of the following colors of Sonata from Elann:

For those of you who might be keeping track (and I'm not sure who that would be other than me and the husband) that's 3,450 more yards, bringing the total to 105,739 yards, which is equal to 60.79 miles! Eeek.

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carrie said...

hey! here's the creepy perv story:

and to make matters worse, the byline was removed from the top of the story when it was placed online. so, at least online, there's no credit for me or the guy who sat outside the vic's home all day. basically caps off a perfect evening!