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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Worldwide Knit in Public Day, Chicago Edition

Let me start by saying none of my local friends* are knitters (except, of course, the friends I am meeting at local yarn shops, SnB events, etc.) So, everyone I told of my plans today either rolled his or her eyes, guffawed, or teased me in that isn't-that-amusing-but-girl-you-so-crazy kind of way. Oh, well, they can't be expected to understand what they cannot comprehend.

Well, it was a lovely fall day here in Chicago...felt like it anyway. But, let's face it, who wants to knit outside when it is hot and humid? While rain threatened to dampen the festivities (and, in fact, caused some of us to start the day in the back-up indoor location), the day turned out rather well. About 40 to 45 knitters gathered near the Crown Fountain in Millennium Park. Here are a few pics:

The youngest knitter found himself a lovely perch.

One half of the fountain doing its thing. There is another tower that faces it and a shallow, open wading pool sits between them. Videos of faces are projected through the glass blocks and, about every 10 minutes, they purse their lips and "spit". After a few minutes of this, a large cascade of water spills from the top of each tower and the process starts over again. Fun stuff.

I met some charming knitters and ended the day by walking a few of them down to Loopy Yarn. I hope to hook up with a few of them at either Stitches Midwest or at the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival.

The only unfortunate thing about these gatherings is that I don't actually get a lot of knitting done. I did a little more work on the sock and I cast on and did a few rows of Green Gable #2. But, we did unabashedly, unashamedly flaunt our craft in public--and the police were not called.

*S.A. is a knitter, but is way down south in Alabama. Trust me, she didn't laugh when I told her about this--she wanted her own personal chapter of Knit in Public Day.


carrie said...

looks like such a good time! i was apartment hunting and missed it in new york. sigh.

Chris said...

This is the husband -- I had an errand near the Chicago Knit in Public event and dropped by. I saw knitters perched on walls, in chairs, on the ground -- just sitting, quietly knitting together.

Do you know the scene in "The Birds" where Tippi Hedren goes to the school to warn the teachers that there's something wrong? At one point, one character stares in horror at the playground and says "Look at the birds!" -- and there are scores of crows sitting everywhere -- just sitting and looking -- it's weird and threatening and terrifying, all at once.

It was sort of like that.