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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Michigan Fiber Festival and Wisconsin Sheep and Wool, Anyone?

Hello-oo-oo-oo out there. Oh, I know you're lurking. The web fairies count you and report back to me. So, I'm hoping a few of you will come out of the Internet shadows (or maybe they are tubes*) to answer a few questions.

Are any of you going to Michigan for the Fiber Festival? How about Wisconsin? Have any of you camped on the grounds? I think I might want to commune with nature. Okay, here's the real deal: it really bugs me to spend $$ on a not-so-great hotel. I'm all for it when I get a Heavenly Bed, but spending $$ for a hotel that's not worth it really irks me.** Your input on the camping facilities/experience at either or both is most welcome!

*That's for my fellow Daily Show watchers--or anyone who paid attention to the Congressional Internet Follies of a couple of weeks ago.

**I spent a couple of years touring with children's theater productions. I have stayed in a motel with walls made out of particleboard with a former Miss America contestant. No, really. I have stayed in places where we put chairs under the doorknob. I was once out for three-months straight, staying in a different hotel/motel almost every night. I have paid my hotel/motel dues. I'm a grown-up now, and I don't want to do it anymore--I have earned the Heavenly Bed! Or an air mattress on the ground. It's one or the other with nothing in between.


Sue said...

Sorry, Angela, I live too far away to help with recomendations of camp grounds in Michigan or Wisconsin. However, I do love a Heavenly Bed when I can get one--which was exactly once in my life. Just wanted to come in out of the cold, or heat, to stop my lurking.

Alwen said...

There is camping at the Allegan County fairgrounds at the Michigan Fiber Festival, $18 per night according to the festival magazine. If you're in an RV, that's probably reasonable. I don't know if you have to register to camp in advance.

The fairgrounds is in a loop of the Kalamazoo river, so that means heavy dew. Running water (cold) is available on the grounds, and there are flush toilets under the grandstand.
Here's a tinyURL for campgrounds near Allegan:

HTH, & hope to see you there! I'll be at the West Michigan Lace Group demo table both days.

WI sheepkeeper said...

There is camping space available at the WSWF also- check their website for information.

There are plenty of hotels like Holiday Inn Express, Super8, etc in the area (within 20m radius). If you want more upscale, you can go with a local B&B or stay in the Waukesha area- about 35m away.