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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The Tale of the Knitting Niece

I believe I have succeeded in hooking the niece on knitting. Apparently, her interest in it has not waned since the big Maryland Sheep and Wool extravaganza of family fun. In fact, when I checked in with her this weekend and asked if she would still like to take a class, I got an emphatic "Yes!" in triplicate. So, as I promised I would, I found a LYS that offers classes for kids and I signed her up. I also provided a little mad money in the form of a gift certificate to get her going. And I am going to do a little personal de-stashing by sending her some balls of yarn leftover from various projects (including the oh-so-lovely Kool-Aid yarn) so she has a little starter stash of her own. I think may fly down to Maryland to observe one of the classes myself. Nothing would thrill me more than having her turn into a little fiber fiend who wants to spend her vacations going to fiber festivals and searching for the best LYSs. Perhaps we will start an intergenerational knitting blog. (Okay, she's seven--a bit too young for the blogosphere in my opinion but I am thinking ahead.)

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