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Friday, January 02, 2009

Goals for an Improved 2009

1. Lose weight. Duh.
2. Go to yoga on a regular basis. (See #1.)
3. Get rid of at least one pair of shoes for every two pairs I might acquire. (This may be harder than you know.)
4. Only buy yarn for which I have a specific project in mind. (This WILL be harder than you know. BTW, I've already had a "falling down" at the Woolgirl sale. Ooops.)
5. Spend more quality time with my husband.
6. Get those $%&**@ house projects started that I have been yapping about for years!
7. Eat better. (Pretzels do not constitute a meal, even if you are originally from Pennsylvania.)
8. Get started on developing the knitting education program that I have been thinking about for a few years.
9. Read more books that aren't necessarily about knitting.
10. Try a new restaurant every 4-6 weeks. (Not too hard to do in Chicago. I could try a new one every day if I set my mind to it, but that might adversely affect #1.)

There are other things that I would like to do/do better, but I'd better keep it manageable.


carey said...

but pretzels are sooooo good! I had a monster hunger pang at the mall and got one of those Aunt Annie pretzels last weekend...and I ate the entire thing without sharing with Ben. He was pretty bummed out since I also hogged most of his strawberry smoothie. oh well! :-)

The A.D.D. Knitter said...

I wish I could do #10, but there simply aren't enough restaurants around here!!