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Friday, January 02, 2009

Holding Out Hope for 2009

There are some things in this world that you just can't give up on. You're certain that if you just hold out a little longer, events will surely go your way. Well, blog-o-friends, here is your proof that if you have faith, things may just turn out:

This sock has been MIA since May. I took the pair on the SeaSocks cruise to Alaska, and I was absolutely certain that they both came home with me. Nonetheless, when we got home and I went to wash them, one was gone. The remaining sock sat on my dresser for a while, then I put it in a drawer. I even contemplated letting go, but something kept me from parting with it. (You see, my optimism was fueled by a similar incident with a pair of mittens a few years back. It took two years, but the pair was finally reunited. I never gave up hope.)

The husband found the beloved sock while--ironically--helping me to look for a missing credit card. (Visa is still on the loose, but I'm pretty sure it is on the premises since the last time I used it was to pay a plumber here in the house. I'm only giving it until tomorrow before I give up the ghost. No worries, though--there have been no unauthorized charges.)

While the universe gives, she sometimes takes away. Alas, I need to call the plumber again. It seems that an outdoor faucet has sprung a bit of a leak, and the side of the house has been turned into a frozen waterfall. Two plumber visits in as many weeks? Hmmm...maybe 2009 isn't looking as hopeful as I'd originally thought.

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carey said...

HOORAY! oh, I hate when that happens...and it's not like second sock syndrome, just lost sock syndrome! Congrats on finding your sock-mate! :-)