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Monday, January 05, 2009

Cartoon Clubhouse

After reading the blog post about missing the latte foam drawings he used to do, the husband gave me this:

He went up to Starbucks and asked them to make the foamiest steamer they could, then he brought it home and drew the picture. The image on the right is a cat, and the image on the left is yarn and needles. (The needles are kinda hard to see 'cause foam is a tricky medium.) How funny is that?! Yup, this is the cartoon clubhouse we live in.


carey said...

I love this!!! it's so whimsical and fun. :-)

Jocele said...

It's so sweet! Happy New Year.

Linda said...

That's so cute! Living in a Cartoon Clubhouse sounds like fun!
Happy New Year!