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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Cartoon Clubhouse 2 (Pitch's Revenge)

I promise this isn't about to become a blog where I post pics of my cats all of the time...just some of the time.

Inspired by Girlzilla, the husband presented me with one of his trademark Cartoon Clubhouse cappuccinos this morning:

Pitchzilla! I don't usually ascribe thought to my cats' expressions (at least not publicly), though I am fairly certain Pitch is thinking, "Does this latte make my butt look big?"

In case you are interested, here is another link about the Puppet Bike. It's a great little piece done for a show on WBEZ, the local public radio station.
The boys and I are about to head out to the balcony for some serious sock knitting.


Marisol said...

Funny about the latte:)

cupcakefaerie said...

How precious are those cats? And how sweet is your hubby for making you that cappuccino with artwork too?