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Thursday, March 10, 2011


So, while my French press of coffee and chicory was steeping, this is what I posted on Facebook:

"Wishing for warm days so I can knit and spin on the porch and hula hoop outside. I'm getting tired of the hoop bumping into the sofa."

Then, I popped over to the 30 Days of Lists blog to find that today's list is Wishes. Lucky me, I got a jump start!

1. Warm days for the reasons mentioned above.
2. Hoping my husband's weekend trip is less stressful than we anticipate it will be.
3. Hoping to build my business in creative ways. Wishing for inspiration to make it happen!
4. I wish for many more healthy days with my cat, Pitch.
5. Wishing for the opportunity to see as many friends as possible this year.
6. Still wishing for that Estonia trip to happen.
7. I'm hoping my friend's new LYS will be a rousing success--and she will sell lots of my yarn!
8. Hoping for a fab vacation with my husband that is just for us--no business, not knitting-related.

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