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Friday, March 18, 2011

In Clover

Well, I fell off the 30 Lists wagon. Other things have been demanding my attention:

Meet Baby Dill, Clover, and Shiny Happy People, all in Atlantis Silk.

Chicago now has a new LYS, Windy Knitty, and it is open for business. She has a great selection of yarns...including mine! There is also Malabrigo, Cascade, Three Irish Girls, Sweet Georgia, and a whole lot of other fabulous lines.

I will be heading off for Sock Camp soon, and there is homework to be done. I think I know where I am headed on that front, but I've changed my mind a few times now, so we'll see. As always, I am looking forward to my trip to Seattle and Port Ludlow. Perhaps I'll get far enough this weekend to offer a few homework sneak peeks.

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