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Thursday, March 03, 2011

Jumping on a Bandwagon, Try Again

Okay, if you saw the post from yesterday, ignore it because it has been disappeared. I, apparently, cannot follow instructions.

So, I have decided to jump on the 30 Days of Lists bandwagon (after falling off once already.) Here goes:

#1 A Few Things About Me
Cat Person Who Also Loves Dogs
Shoe Enthusiast
Boot Collector
Bad Housekeeper
Good Cook
Former Professional Stage Manager
Former Executive Director of a Not-for-Profit Dance Company
Springsteen Fan

#2 Things I Am Good At
Starting Projects
Writing Grants
Bargain Shopping
Finding Something I Have in Common with Almost Everyone I Meet

#3 Thing I Am Looking Forward To
Moving to Another Place When My Husband Retires (PNW, please)
Visiting Boston for the First Time in Forever
Having a New Kitchen
Warm Days on the Porch/Balcony
Walking By the Lake When it Isn't Freezing
Visiting Estonia
Many More Happy, Healthy Days with My Cat, Pitch
A Vacation with My Husband This Year

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