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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Let the games begin!

I have loved the Olympics since I was a child. I, who do not watch sports at any other time, will watch any and all Olympic competitions. This year I am celebrating the Olympic Spirit in my lounge surrounded by yarn and Hershey's new chocolate-covered peanut butter cookies (YUM!!). I lit my own personal flaming cauldron (okay, it was a palm wax candle) to set the mood. If Bob Costas were to do an in-depth profile of my personal knitting experience, the story would currently be one of disappointment and false starts: I have started and frogged my Knitting Olympics project three times already! It is my fault; I did not read through the pattern and it is one that I must pay attention to which is difficult when I want to pay attention to my t.v. That challenge, combined with some newly-developed back spasms, is going to make my quest for the gold difficult. It's only day one of competition so I have not yet given up.

I did finish a fun spiral scarf (see Scarf Style, page 103) in Alchemy Synchronicity today. It is fun, fun, fun and only took a couple of days. The yarn is a bit pricey for the end result and I'm certain I can find something equally lovely that will be a little less expensive for the next one. I'm thinking about making it in a thicker yarn so the resulting piece will have a completely different look and feel.

For those of you sharing the (Knitting) Olympic dream, don't stop trying until the flame is extinguished.

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